Merch by Amazon -> Merch Collab

When Amazon launched the Amazon Merch program back in 2015, the world of print on demand knew it would be a game changer. But POD companies weren’t the only ones left a little nervous at the notion of Amazon’s entry into apparel creation. Big brands and designers were also feeling the heat. So there was always the question…how will the growth of Amazon Merch impact popular brands?

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Amazon and eBay Take on the Challenge of Crushing Counterfeit Goods

Amazon and eBay have become global hot spots for good deals, but if the products are counterfeit, it’s a bad deal for everyone. The two competing websites have been battling it out to get the attention of deal-seeking shoppers for years.

Now that both have established themselves as the top players in e-commerce, the time has come to fight the problem of fake name brand items that fill their sites.

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